Lamp Illumination Test

FlexTally Utility has a Lamp Test function available, should you need to troubleshoot any Lamp illumination issues.

Connect the Station Unit to the same network as the PC running FlexTally Utility and connect the Station Unit’s USB power source.

Go to FlexTally Utility and click on ‘Search For Station Units’ to locate the Station Unit.

Select the IP address of the Station Unit.

Click “Test Lamp”.

Click the number buttons to see if the corresponding Lamps illuminate.

To set the channel numbers for each Lamp, please check here.

If “PVW” is selected instead of “PGM”, the corresponding Lamp will illuminate green.

GPIO Mode Users

When a switcher is connected to FlexTally via GPIO mode or if FlexTally has been set to GPIO mode, the Lamp Test function will not work.

Please disconnect the switcher and change FlexTally to Ethernet mode to use the Lamp Test function.