Wireless tally lamp for small & professional crews

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* One Station unit and four Lamp units.

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FlexTally is a tally lamp system designed for easy operability and is available at a price range that means even small studios or streaming sites can look to add it to their multi-camera set-ups. FlexTally can be used via either wireless or wired connections for added convenience and its built-in battery allows for portability and use in remote shooting locations.


An easy to set up all-in-one tally lamp system

FlexTally consists of a Station unit that connects to Cerevo's video switcher"LiveWedge" and four Lamp units that are attached to each camera. Each lamp illuminates automatically according to the LiveWedge switching operation. FlexTally is also compatible with other brands' switchers(*1), as well as LiveWedge switcher.
*1: Some switchers might require updating the software.
*: Please see the manual how to connect with switchers and FlexTally.

A special software is not required to change the setting.

The station unit and the lamps setting can be set or change the assinged lamp ID by pressing Function Button on the station unit or the lamp unit. Because FlexTally does not require any special software so you have the freedom of changing the lamp unit setting on-site in case you want to use more or less lamps.

Can be used via either wireless or wired connection

The wireless connection uses the 433MHz band, which is resistant to obstacles and interference from other wireless signals, to achieve a communication distance of 100m or greater(*2), and also it is possible to daisy chain connections through terminal blocks. FlexTally can be used with cables several hundred meters in length without issue.
A 6-hour battery is built into each Lamp unit so each one can operate completely wirelessly. Wired connections use a standard 2 pin cable, with terminal connectors for easy integration and compatibility.

Station unit: W128 x D77 x H28 mm / Lamp unit: W100 x D60 x H50 mm
Station unit: 142g / Lamp unit: 164g
Wireless Connectivity
433MHz (US/EU)(*3)
Wired Connectivity
RS-485 serial connection
Wireless Connection Distance
Approx. 100m (line-of-sight)(*2)
Battery Operating Time
Lamp unit: 6-12 hours (will vary depending on the lamp brightness and usage environment)
Battery Charging Time
Lamp unit:Approx. 2 hours
Number of Lamps Supported
16 units(*4)
*1: To connect with your video switchers, you need to set up using dedicated software provided by Cerevo or a specifically configured cable for GPIO connection. The cable should be created based on the tally output specifications of the video switcher you are using and the FlexTally’s tally input specifications. Specifications of the tally output may be different for each brand and switcher model. Supported OS for the dedicated software is Windows 10/8.1/7, Mac OS X is scheduled to be supported in the future.
*2: Actual distance varies depending on the environment.
*3: Specification for the US/EU product version. The version for Japan uses the 315MHz band for connectivity.
*4: Up to 32 lamps will be supported in a future firmware update. 8 lamps can be controlled when connected via GPIO connection with your switchers.

*Subject to change during development

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