FlexTally Utility Software License

FlexTally Utility (below, this software) Please read always Software License Agreement before using, on top of the previously well confirm the contents, if you agree Please use only.
■ Article 1 (copyright)
Cerevo Co., Ltd. In the context of the present software (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and / or its licensors have the copyright, we will not have the necessary rights to license to customers.With respect to the use of the software by the customer, any of the rights, except that the customer is licensed in this agreement does not occur, all of the rights to the software are the property of the Company and / or its licensors.
■ Article 2 (License)
This software, Flex Tally Utility is a software (hereinafter, this product say) (including the upgrade version), you will, on condition that in accordance with the contents of this Agreement, to use the software only in this product can do.
■ Article 3 (limit of use)
1. You may not be able to copy the Software and accompanying documents.
2. Customers, this software, you will not be able to lend to a third party regardless of the paid and unpaid.
■ Article 4 (range of the guarantee)
Customers, Please note that this software is not intended to be able to continue operation without causing trouble in any situation.
1. Even if the data that has been preserved in this product by the failure of this software has been altered or lost, our company is not guaranteed.
2. The Company, customers incidental or consequential damages arising from the fact that can not be or used to use the software, or loss of relief, loss of profits, is also responsible for any damage caused by the other use not.
3. By you of changes or modifications, as well as some sort of defect occurs in this software, our company is not guaranteed.In addition, as a result of changes or modifications, as well as resulted in any damage to the customers, our company is not responsible.
4. Our liability under this Agreement, the amount you actually paid upon purchase of this product as the upper limit.
■ Article 5 (end of contract)
1. Customers, you can terminate this Agreement.
2. If you fail to comply with the contents of this agreement, the Company will terminate this agreement, you can terminate the use of the software in customers.
3. We are, by the circumstances, it is possible to terminate this Agreement.
4. Upon termination of this contract, the customer this software must be discarded (including all copies) as well as the accompanying document.
■ Article 6 (Others)
1. If you bring up the software and this product to overseas customers of Japan the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, it must comply with the laws and regulations of the United States Export Administration Regulations and the other countries.
2. This agreement is interpreted by the laws of Japan, and shall be governed, if in connection with this contract dispute on the law has occurred, and the first trial of the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in Japan .
■ Article 7 (open source software)
The software includes open source software (MIT, BSD license) .
Please refer to the license in each of the open source software.
If the discrepancy between the description and this Agreement of license of open source software has occurred, open source software license description takes precedence.
Open source software and licenses that are included in the software.

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