Connect with vMix


  • Install vMix on your PC.
  • Prepare a setting PC. There is no problem if this is the same PC as the one on which vMix is installed.
  • Install “FlexTally Utility” on the setting PC. Click here for installation instructions.
  • Please update the FlexTally Station Unit firmware to the latest version. See here for how to update.
  • Make sure the Lamp Units are fully charged.
  • Connect the Station Unit and the Lamp Units. Connection procedures are explained here.
  • Turn ON the No.1 DIP switch on the Station Unit and change the connection method to Ethernet.

Setup Steps

  1. Set the DIP switches of each Lamp Units to match the number of channels you want to use (please refer here for details).
  2. Make sure the FlexTally Station Unit, the PC which vMix is installed and the setting PC are in the same network.
  3. Connect the AC adapter to the Station Unit and turn it on. When the power turns on, the status LED lights up blue.
  4. Start vMix and select “Setting”.
  5. Select “Web Controller” and find vMIX IP Address.
  6. Start FlexTally Utility and select “Scan”.
  7. When the station Unit is found, the IP address of the Station Unit will be displayed. Click on the IP address.
  8. Select “Switcher Setting”.
  9. Select “vMix”.
  10. Enter the vMix IP address at Step 5 at “Switcher IP Address” and click “Save”.
  11. Press and hold the power button on the Lamp Units. When the power turns on, the status LED lights up blue.
  12. Switch channels using vMix and check each the Lamp units response.


  • Since the “Test Lamps” option in “FlexTally Utility” is affected by the vMix connection, please test when vMix is not connected.