Connecting to Wirecast

Pre-Setup Requirements

  • A PC is required to use the FlexTally Utility software. You can use the same PC Wirecast is already installed.
  • Install the latest version of FlexTally Utility onto your PC. Click here for installation instructions.
  • Update the FlexTally station unit firmware. Click here for update instructions.
  • Make sure the FlexTally Lamps are charged sufficiently.
  • Please make sure the station and the lamps are connected correctly. Click here for connection instructions.
  • Turn on DIP switch No.1 of the station unit to set the connection method to Ethernet.

Setup Steps

  1. Set the DIP switch on the back of each lamp to the channel you want to use. Click here for setup instructions.
  2. Make sure the PC with Wirecast is on the same LAN as the station unit.
  3. Connect the station unit’s AC adapter to a power outlet and turn on the power on each lamp. When the power is on, the status LED will illuminate blue.
  4. Start Wirecast before starting FlexTally Utility.
  5. Open the FlexTally Utility software and select “Search for Station Units”. When the station unit is found, its IP address will be displayed. Select the IP address.
  6. Select “Switcher (ETH mode)”.
  7. Select “Wirecast”.
  8. Enter the IP address of the PC on which Wirecast is installed into “Switcher IP Address:”.
  9. Next, set up the lamps. Start “FlexTally For Wirecast” and select “Unset” for the lamp you wish to setup.
  10. When “Select Shots” starts, select the shot you wish to set for the lamp and click “OK”. In this example, we set Layer:1 Picture1.png for CH1 with Station ID 0.
  11.  “Unset” will change to “Set” when lamp setup is completed correctly.
  12. Repeat the process for other lamps you wish to use. After completing setup, make sure to try the transition and preview selections in Wirecast to check that the lamps illuminate.If the setup was completed correctly, the lamp indicator in “FlexTally For Wirecast” will change color to red or green, accordingly. 
  13. To save the lamp settings, click “Save” in “FlexTally For Wirecast”. To load saved settings, click “Load” to load the settings file.


  1. I get an error and cannot update the station firmware.→ Please start FlexTally Utility as an Administrator.
  2. I am unable to connect to the station unit.→ Please change the setting to fixed IP instead of DHCP. Click here for configuration instructions.
  3. I can’t set the lamp in FlexTally For Wirecast.→ Please check that the IP address you entered in “Switcher IP Address” in FlexTally Utility is correct.