Wired Connection Between Station and Lamp

If the distance between the Station and the Lamp is too far, or if the local radio wave environment is not suitable for a wireless conenction, we recommend using FlexTally with a wired connection.

*Wired connection cables must be purchased separately.

Cable Type

Please prepare a 2-core pair cable.

Connection Steps

Connect P and P and N and N of the WIRE port of each Station and Lamp.

Multiple Lamps can be connected as follows.*1

*The same signal is output from all four wired ports of the Station.

Insert/Remove Cable

How to insert

Insert the cable while pushing the cross part of the port.


How to Remove

While holding down the cross part of the port, disconnect the cable.

Set DIP Switch

Make sure DIP switch No.8 is set to OFF and set the Station and lLaamp to wired mode.*2


*1 For wired connections, connection distance and number of connectable Lamps may change depending on factors such as wiring distance, wire material, number of Lamps, environment, etc. Please test before using in a critical location.
*2 It is not possible to use a mixture of wireless and wired connections with multiple Lamps.