Lamps do not illuminate or illuminate incorrectly

Check if the Tally LED on the station illuminates red or green. In order to check, refer to “Is there any way to check if a switcher is connected properly?

If the Tally LED does not illuminate at all, check the connection with the switcher.

The following troubleshooting is only for cases when the Tally LED illuminates red or green.

Check the DIP switch setting

– Do the channel and DIP switch match correctly?

– Are the Lamps and station ID DIP switch set correctly?

– Is the Wireless/Wired DIP switch set correctly?

If other lamps accidentally illuminate green when a particular channel is selected

– Try switching off station DIP switch 3.

If Tally LED 7 illuminates when channel 3 is selected on the SONY MCX-500

– This is caused by the switcher’s specification. The switcher has 8 input connectors but are only available using up to 4 channels, so the allocation is changed. In this case, take the lamp for channel 3 and set the DIP switch to channel 7. See lamp settings.

– Similar cases may happen when channel 1, 2 or 4 are selected and Tally LED 5, 6 or 8 would illuminate accordingly.

When the station and lamps are connected wirelessly

– The station and lamps are too far apart.

– There may be obstacles in between the station and lamps.

– Radio frequency interference.